Donation of Historical Documents Relating to Watches to the National Diet Library

Fascinated by watches, our predecessor Ryohei Hotta collected a large number of books and documents on timepieces from Japan and overseas in his enthusiastic efforts to build Japan’s watch culture. Toward the end of his life, all of these materials were donated to the National Diet Library. These valuable books and documents make up the “Hotta Collection”, which is on permanent display in a special section on the fourth floor of the building. A large number of watch experts make use of them, and this collection proves to be a significant contribution to the development of horology in Japan.

Support for the Projects of OISCA-International

OISCA-International is the foundation that was established in 1961 with a view to “realizing a world without war and coexistence with nature”. To that end, the foundation conducts a wide range of activities including agricultural development cooperation, environmental preservation, and personnel training for cultivating problem consciousness and for being self-starter. As one of OISCA-International’s partner companies, Hotta has been involved in the foundation’s aid projects. In 2000, Hotta provided supports in Children’s Forest Program in commemoration of the 120th anniversary of the company. In 2002, Hotta subsidized construction of a food-processing plant in the training center in Myanmar as a part of a self-reliance support program for graduating students. Furthermore, we supported construction of three primary schools in Myanmar in 2003 promoting exchanges with local students and related parties.

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